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Caring For Planet 04

We only have one planet. We look after it.

In 2019 we pledged 1% of our turnover to direct environmental improvements and efficiencies. While we have considered donating this money to some worthy charities, we believe in taking responsibility for what WE do. As such, we use this money to improve our internal processes and to reduce input materials, power and water. We hope to achieve at least a 1:10 pay-off. This means for every 1$ spent, we like to see a reduction in our environmental footprint of at least $10.For example:

  • Our cold room is built with freezer room panels instead of the less efficient cold room panels. We now save that additional investment every nine months in lower electricity usage. Expected pay off over the life of the cold room: 1:25
  • We are installing a 40kW solar system on our roof. We will produce more electricity than we consume and lower our electricity bill at the same time. Expected pay off over the life of the Solar system: 1:10
  • Smart Cidery project. Our next project will use cold air at night, instead of forced cooling during the day, turning lights off automatically when no one is around and using our Cider tanks as energy buffers! (We cool the Cider down with free electricity during the day, then switch off the cooling when the sun is down). Expected pay off over the life of the system: 1:25.
Local Farmers And Suppliers 02

We choose local farmers and suppliers.

It’s only by supporting local industries, trades and farmers that we create jobs for our local economy. We can have a positive impact on our neighbours and our environment by working with those businesses that have similar values to our own.

Certainly, COVID taught us one thing – how reliant we have become on ‘global’ and the insane supply chains in place today. We can change this by selecting local businesses and producers. Choosing local also helps to reduce the environmental footprint – the closer a product is consumed to where it’s produced, the less mileage it has to travel, hence reducing transport emissions.

Small Over Big 02

We value small over big. 

Most of our suppliers and customers are small businesses too. Being small allows us to get to know them very well. We can learn from each other and reach our goals together.

Re Use And Recyle 02

We re-use and reduce. 

We have the most significant environmental impact by NOT buying or using certain products. For instance – Cider kegs are usually shipped in plastic wrapping only to become landfill after a short time. We are passionate about reducing our plastic usage, and we have now successfully changed over to pallet strapping instead – reducing our impact just that little bit more.

We’re also no stranger to pre-loved things. Most of our Cider making equipment has a 2nd or 3rd life with us. All our fermenters and storage tanks, bottling lines, pumps, champagne lines, filters, our beautiful wooden bar and much more is second-hand equipment. We save money as second-hand equipment is cheaper and we save the environment from the impact of producing new equipment and disposing of the old one. We do, however, buy new when it makes sense. Buying new cooling and refrigeration equipment makes sense because we can choose highly efficient machinery instead of using old, inefficient equipment.

Caring For Each Other 02

We care for each other. 

As a small family business, we have the luxury to work with our friends and become friends with our workers. We don’t discriminate, don’t bully and don’t swear at each other. We work together because in a positive atmosphere we can achieve our goals together. A lot of people have helped to build our business, and we try to help others to get ahead, too. Only this collaborative approach has enabled us to be where we are today.

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