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Delicious, traditional cider

Born out of the tradition from 25 generations of Cider making – we celebrate Queensland fruit in making the best cider. No shortcuts, just delicious, traditional cider.

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Experience the cellar door

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Visit our cellar door for a glass of bubbles or a tasting paddle and find out why our cider is so delicious. Or book in a group for a tour and learn all about champagne making and the processes we follow. And yes, we do sell our cider from the cellar door, too.

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Good apples make great cider

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Selected apple farmers on the Granite Belt grow the apples we choose. The chilly winters and their high farming standards ensure we can source premium apples right here in Queensland. Working with the farmers is what our Cider Maker Martin Rellstab enjoys most. As a master apple grower of 18 years, Martin knows his apples and what is required to make good cider.

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How we make our cider

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We start with choosing the right apples and juicing the fruit while it is fresh and full of flavours. We carefully ferment the sweet juice to delicious cider before giving it plenty of time to mature. It is only after this maturation phase that we bottle and sell our cider.

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Our approach

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We only have one planet. We look after it.
We choose local farmers and suppliers.
We value small over big.
We re-use and reduce.
We care for each other.

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What cider lovers are saying

  • 5 star review  Lovely tour by Martin (the cider maker) and great product!! Would definitely recommend!

    thumb M Skinner
  • 5 star review  What a wonderful tasting! Until today I thought I didn’t like cider (because it was too artificial and sickly sweet) but we left with a carton! Martin was incredible too.

    thumb Laura Breust
  • 5 star review  Great day out! Martin was a exceptional host with a comprehensive knowledge of and passion for authentic and sustainable brewing.

    thumb Rogan Bray
  • 5 star review  Great to see excellent sunny coast business with tasting and sales of outstanding cider in a comfortable atmosphere.

    thumb Troy Groeneweg
  • 5 star review  What a great find! Excellent ciders and brut, they all had amazing distinctive flavours and love seeing 100% QLD/Aus made. Martin was very knowledgeable and made everything very interesting.

    thumb Ajay Cole