What is Cider?

Cider is an alcoholic beverage made from the full or partial fermentation of apple juice.

What is Perry?

Perry is an alcoholic beverage made from the full or partial fermentation of pear juice. Pears naturally contain sorbitol, which creates a slightly sweet, silky drink. Sorbitol is also a known laxative, so be careful with this one.

What is fruit-cider?

‘Cider’ made from other fruit should be classed as fruit wine, and flavours added to Cider should be classed as a ‘flavoured drink’. As the Australian Food Standard lacks a minimum apple content requirement for a product to be called a ‘Cider’, it creates a loophole to name pretty much anything ‘Cider’.

Is your Cider organic?

No, but we try to source spray-free apples when we can. Our farmers are following best practice in producing delicious and healthy apples.

Where can we buy Sunshine Coast Cider?

We’re currently only stocked on the Sunshine Coast. Try your local Cellarbrations bottle shop or XO Cellars in Noosa. You can also buy direct from our cellar door or online. If you’re interested in stocking our Cider, please contact us.

Why is my bottle of 'Dry & Still' flat'?

We follow winemaking principles. You wouldn’t expect a white wine to be fizzy and the same is true for this style of Cider. If you like a carbonated drink, consider one of our other Ciders.

Do you have non-alcoholic Cider?

All our Cider is alcoholic. Creating a non-alcoholic Cider requires costly equipment, which we don’t possess. At times, we produce a non-alcoholic, carbonated apple juice, but we tend to serve this drink at festivals with lots of families in attendance.

Is your Cider GF and Vegan?

Yes, Cider is naturally Gluten-Free. As we don’t process beer on our equipment, there is no risk of cross-contamination. Our Cider is also Vegan friendly as we don’t use animal products in our processes.

Do you use Sulphite (Sulphur Dioxide) in your Cider?

Yes, we use minimal amounts of sulphite to control the microbial load before fermentation starts. To protect the freshness and quality of our Cider, we also add small quantities of sulphite during storage. We do not use sulphite in doses high enough to prevent re-fermentation. We pasteurize our Cider instead.

What does 'Methode Traditionnelle' mean?

Methode Traditionnelle or MT is another word for the Champagne making process or champenoise process. The expression ‘Champagne’ is trademarked by the French and can only be applied to a sparkling wine grown and made in the Champagne region of France. However, that doesn’t stop us from making a delicious Cider rivalling the real ‘Champagne’.

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