Drink a local Cider on Australian Cider Day, help your community and bring some Sunshine back!

Get a keg of Cider and help rebuild your community and your venue

Sunshine Coast Cider is launching an initiative to help those affected by recent events under the banner:

Drink a local Cider on Australian Cider Day, help your community and bring some Sunshine back!

At Sunshine Coast Cider we’re devastated to see all the trauma and destruction caused by the flood locally and further afield in Ukraine.

So we’ve decided to help in the best way we can, by bringing a little sunshine back into people’s lives by donating 99 Karma Kegs full of delicious Sunshine Cider for a unique collaborative fundraising event.

But we need YOU to help us! We need 99 venues to take part in this fundraiser. While we can provide those kegs free* of charge, we need venues to pour the Cider for us!

We’re aiming to host this fundraiser on Saturday 12th of March, to coincide with Australian Cider Day.

The goal is to help your local community with flood recovery. For venues in non-affected areas, please consider donating to the Australian Red Cross for help in Ukraine. (https://www.redcross.org.au/ukraine/)


  • Each venue creates its own fundraiser goal. We trust you know your local community and the best use for the funds collected.
  • All proceeds from the sale of this Karma Keg will go to the chosen group.
  • It’s a fundraiser. You or your customer can decide on the price. (We’d like to see a schooner sold for $10-$15). This should yield $1,000 – $1,500 per keg or $100,000 – $150,000 in total.
  • Promote the keg in your venue and on your social channel #CiderKarma and @sunshinecoastcider
  • You can launch the fundraiser as soon as you receive the keg, but the main launch day will be Saturday 12th of March, coinciding with Australian Cider Day.
  • Share your results on your social media

Eligible fundraiser targets:

  • Australian Red Cross for help in Ukraine. (https://www.redcross.org.au/ukraine/)
  • If you are directly affected by the flood, you can use the funds to clean up and repair your venue.
  • Any Community organisation affected or helping with the flood.
  • Businesses or individuals who went above and beyond in helping others
  • Businesses or individuals deemed essential for the local community.
  • Any local hero (or deserving person) who needs support

What’s in it for you?

  • It’s a fundraiser – you will feel good about supporting your community.
  • We will get media outlets involved in promoting all participating venues.
  • Positive exposure on social media.
  • Australians like to help – you will draw more people into your venue, and they might drink more than a Cider
  • Recognition for supporting your community.

What happens next:

  • You will receive a keg full of delicious Cider before the 12th of March, distributed by LiquidSB
  • We’ll send you an email with some promo material for you to print out and for use on social.
  • Start promoting the event.
  • We’ll ask you to report the amount raised and who received the money. This will most likely be in the form of a short survey.

*To cover part of our cost for keg-lease and distribution we will charge you a small fee of $40 per keg which you can recover from your sales.

Thank you for being part of this!

Martin & Regine Rellstab

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